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Elektron was founded  in 1992 by Jozef Szymczyk and Wojciech Tyrcha, who started with a small shop near the main square in Krakow. In 2004 we opened a new office on Konecznego street in Northern Krakow, which remains our current operational headquarters. In 2010 we opened an additional office on the South part of the Krakow, on Zakopiańska street.

Elektron has a strong team composed of experienced sales representatives, technical designers and a qualified engineers. All of our staff have undergone training and maintain specialist knowledge of the products they sell or use in our offers. Our highly trained professionals are able to respond to all types of emergency technical  calls, and resolve issues with the fastest service possible. We are also quite comfortable working in English. 

Elektron’s sales representatives take care of a new and established  customers all over the country, with particular focus on Southern Poland. Our investment in training and specialist skills has paid off - we are growing our customer footprint year by year. We are confident in saying that Elektron is one of the largest distributors security products in Southern Poland.

Our Company specialize in Security Products and cooperate with most of the security companies in the Polish market. We have partners that demonstrate product leadership and service quality. We also have our own imports from France - CDVI access control and accessories, Germany – Siemens Security Systems and China, a very good known in USA market, CCTV products – Advert Tech.

We believe our success is because of our outstanding customer focus -- We do whatever we can to make sure that our customers are always satisfied. The most important is to make sure the products we sell to our installers is exactly what a client needs.

If you need help, please contact us.
Oddział Północ:

ul. Konecznego 6/17u,
31-216 Kraków
email: info@elektron.krakow.pl

Czynne Pon.-Pt  7:00-17:00

Oddział Południe:

ul. Zakopiańska 140,
30-435 Kraków
email: biuro@elektron.krakow.pl

Czynne Pon.-Pt. 7:00-17:00


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